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At Fluid Motion, in Bozeman Montana, we create safe and effective exercise experiences based on your attributes, needs, and goals. Chris Ross has the tools and experience to strategically alter all of the variables of exercise to create a customized exercise experience for all ages and ability levels.

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 Muscle Activation Technique Certified Specialist




Chris Ross

chris ross bozeman personal trainer and muscle activation specialist

  • BS Exercise and Wellness (MSU)
  • BS Health Enhancement for Education (MSU)
  • Certified Muscle Activation Technique Specialist
  • Certified Egoscue Method Postural Alignment Specialist and Egoscue Method Affiliate
  • American College Of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certification
  • Certified Titleist Performance Institute Golf Biomechanical Specialist and Fitness Instructor
  • Former Consultant For MSU Bobcat Golf Team
  • RTS Resistance Training Specialist Mastery Attendee

Highly Recommended: Muscle Activation Technique is Awesome
I had no idea what to expect with the muscle activation technique Chris used. Nor did I know how quickly my shoulder would begin to feel better. Extremely effective physical therapy and explained what was going on with me quite well. I would highly recommend a visit to Fluid Motion as a first step to anyone who is looking to eliminate chronic pain in their shoulder or elsewhere and get back to exercising and enjoying life.

Customer since November 2015
Bozeman, MT

Chris also writes regularly about muscle function, exercise, and wellness for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Carve Magazine, Titleist Performance Institute, Golf Fitness Magazine, and Distinctly Montana.

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Our mission is to provide our clients with the tools they need to improve overall function and well-being, using a holistic view of the body rather than simply treating symptoms.