In addition to working with over 1000 clients over the last 15 years, Chris has also completed over 1000 hours of advanced coursework, specializing in muscular function, human biomechanics, joint function, and golf biomechanics assessment, among others. In 2005, Chris opened Fluid Motion and since has worked with clients of all ages and ability levels. Chris uses various methodologies as a toolbox to assess each individual’s strengths and weaknesses and to develop individualized programming for every client. In his free time, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife Kate and son Blake. His hobbies include fishing, golf, skiing, snowboarding, and resistance training.

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Experience & Education

  • BS Exercise and Wellness (Montana State University)
  • BS Health Enhancement for Education (Montana State University)
  • Certified Muscle Activation Technique Specialist
  • Certified Egoscue Method Postural Alignment Specialist and Egoscue Method Affiliate
  • American College Of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certification
  • Certified Titleist Performance Institute Golf Biomechanical Specialist and Fitness Instructor
  • RTS Resistance Training Specialist Mastery Attendee


Fluid Motion is here to help, Chris can develop a custom-designed program to help you achieve your goals. Contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss how Chris can help you.