Feeling tight and restricted on the golf course?

Is lack of range of motion and tightness holding you back from playing and feeling your best?  There is a solution!


The best way to become a more successful golfer is by improving your body! Physical limitations can wreak havoc on an individual's ability to improve. Increase strength and flexibility and drive your game into high gear with Fluid Motion Golf Performance Training!

Whether you're an avid, low handicapper looking to take your game to the next level, a high school player hoping to make the varsity team, or an aspiring golfer trying to play pain-free golf,  Fluid Motion will help get you meet your goals.

Become more powerful and consistent:
We will identify your weak links that are holding you back and build a customized plan.

Feel as strong on the 18th hole as you did on the 1st:
Golf is a game of endurance which demands strength and stamina on every single hole.

Reduce likelihood of injury:
Reduce the likelihood of injury by increasing strength, stamina, and reducing physical limitations and compensatory movement patterns.

Chris Ross has been at the forefront of this thought process since pioneering Fluid Motion Golf. In 2006, Fluid Motion Golf in Bozeman, Montana was the premier golf performance facility in the Pacific Northwest.

By utilizing Chris and the MAT process, I feel fresh and energized to get back onto the course. Instantly after a session, I can feel it working. Chris and MAT allow me to do whatever I need to do on the course and not feel any pain or restriction throughout my swing. Chris and his knowledge of MAT are an incredible asset to my golfing career.

Payton Stott
Billings, MT
american college of sports medicine, tpi certified, mat muscle activation technique certified
golf performance training