Personal Training at Fluid Motion

At Fluid Motion we create a customized, safe, and effective personal training experience based on the specific needs and goals of the individual. Unlike most cookie cutter workout programs or trendy routines, we can consider and strategically alter all of the variables of exercise, motion, and force to create an entirely customized workout for the client.

Our approach is fundamentally grounded in Newtonian physics, sound anatomical principles, and exercise mechanics. Taking the time to custom fit exercise to the clients’ abilities enables to create a safe, effective, and sustainable exercise routine.


4 principles of RTS:

The least amount of unaccustomed stimulus is the first consideration when training to increase the strength, endurance, or power of muscle. We strategically progress the intensity of your muscular training to facilitate pain-free muscular adaptation with the healthiest forces on your joints.

For any exercise or activity, understanding and controlling the forces on the moving and stationary joints is paramount. With this in mind, we design new exercises and adaptations to old exercises based on the structure and capabilities of your joints. This allows us to customize a range of activities (from yoga to power-lifting) to suit the specific capabilities of your joints.

Where you place your focus dramatically alters the experience and the affects of your exercise. This often makes the difference between what works and what does not. We will guide you to be mindful of specific aspects of your activity.

The variety of stimuli that your body needs to stay healthy requires planning and adjustments over time. We help you vary the type of exercise you’ll need to have a balanced, healthy body.

We don’t believe in quick-fix solutions, but rather offer you a custom-fit, client-defined exercise program, that will create long-term sustainable results for your health, your fitness, and your well-being.