Initial Consultation

We like to start with a 30 minute consultation. This allows us to determine how we can customize the process according to your needs and goals.

Initial Assessment 60-90 Min.

During the initial assessment, we try to get an detailed understanding of where your body is at and what our starting point should be. We do not use cookie cutter programming. We go through great lengths to determine what your body needs and how we are going to progress it.
Some of the specifics we examine are:

  • Health History
  • Past Injury Assesment
  • Global Joint Range of Motion Exam
  • Muscular Strength Testing
  • Specific Force Tolerance Testing


Customized Implementation

Once we have determined a good starting place for exercise, we begin the strengthening process. No two clients are treated the same way. Some may need multiple sessions of Muscle Activation Techniques to re-establish basic neuromuscular integrity, while others may be a good fit to start resistance training right away. This is the most important piece and why so many people fail to get results. Our ability to determine your readiness, current status, and proper progression are vital to success.

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chris ross of fluid motion in bozeman montana consults with a client about their personal training needs