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You can study proper swing mechanics and beat buckets at the range all you'd like, but if your body can't get into the right positions, you'll never see significant improvements. Is lack of range of motion and muscle tightness holding you back from playing your best golf? Start your golf performance training program at Fluid Motion Muscular System Specialists.

Our golf fitness program is specially designed for golfers of all ages and skill levels. Increase your strength and flexibility to play your best golf yet.

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The best golf of your life is still ahead of you

Whether you're a serious player trying to take your handicap even lower or a beginner just trying to finish a round without pain, our golf fitness program will help you meet your goals. Our proven system will develop a customized plan to:

  • Identify the weak links in your game and correct them
  • Reduce the likelihood of injury
  • Boost your power and consistency

See the shot and trust your body to do the rest. Start golf performance training to gain a powerful advantage with increased strength, stamina and mobility.

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We have a history with Golf

Chris Ross has been at the forefront Golf performance training industry since pioneering Fluid Motion Golf. In 2006, Fluid Motion Golf in Bozeman, Montana was the premier golf performance facility in the Pacific Northwest. He was also the first in this region to offer a Golf centric program! Chris has also completed over 1000 hours of advanced coursework, specializing in muscular function, human biomechanics, joint function, and golf biomechanics assessment, among others. Golf performance training was the focus of the first 5 years of his career. Learn more below!