I had no idea what to expect with the muscle activation technique Chris used. Nor did I know how quickly my shoulder would begin to feel better. Extremely effective physical therapy and explained what was going on with me quite well. I would highly recommend a visit to Fluid Motion as a first step to anyone who is looking to eliminate chronic pain in their shoulder or elsewhere and get back to exercising and enjoying life.

Highly Recommended: Muscle Activation Technique is Awesome

Customer since November 2015

Chris knows the intricacies of how the human body is designed to move. I always left his office a step ahead in my healing journey. I would recommend him to anyone in need of rebalancing muscles and healing new and old injuries.

The Expert

Customer since August 2015

Chris has progressed well beyond the typical regimen for personal trainers. His extensive experience and study in diagnostic techniques and the science of body motion has paid off for me in many ways. It is great to have the flexibility and strength to do things even as I age and Chris is a big reason why.

Unique and effective

Customer since March 2013

Chris is the antithesis of the typical medical experience-he doesn't pretend to know everything, he's open to new ideas, he's constantly questioning what he's been taught, and he's always educating himself. For those of us with frustrating long-term issues, it's a relief to be thoroughly listened to as a human being and not a set of symptoms. I've had MAT in the past and it really hurt, but Chris listened to my concerns and it wasn't the usual torture session. Already feeling better, thanks!

Balanced and approachable

Customer since October 2014

Chris' work is life changing! My neck/shoulder pain used to interrupt my day to day activities pretty severely. I was in pain almost all the time and didn't even realize. After seeing Chris just 5-6 times, my neck and shoulders are relaxed. I find myself doing things that I would not have tried in the past. For example, planting flowers (even though it was late in the fall) it was so therapeutic to work in my yard. I'm really excited for next summer!

Muscle Tension Relief Extraordanaire

Customer since May 2013

Very thorough, knowledgeable and genial. Can tell you what is the matter before you recognize a problem. Probably the most accomplished muscle activation expert in Bozeman.

Mr. Insightful

Customer since February 2013